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Beyond Enemy Lines: An Extraordinary Mission

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On October 24th, 2005, the world celebrated the 60th anniversary of the United Nations, which was established near the end of World War II (1939-1945), to be an effective successor for the League of Nations, which was founded after the World War I (1914-1918).

Al’Qura~n: The Ultimate Open-Source Code

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I still remember the very first time I read the user’s manual of my first personal computer, which was a gift from my family following a knee surgery that I underwent at King Khaled [’Kaalid] University Hospital in Riyadh [Riyaa’d], Saudi Arabia. That computer was a Commodore AT machine with a math-coprocessor, which was installed therein because I was taking computer-based engineering drafting classes.

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Women Inheritance in Islaam

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Inventing a lie and repeating it very often results in those who invented it believing it. And by continuously bolstering the invented lie with more lies, the origin of the story becomes so hazy that it would take a real expert, armed with unwavering integrity, to sift through the rubble of the shattered myths; and only then the truth will reveal itself.

The Others: Who Hates Who?

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“ Only two things are infinite; the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former.”
This is one of Albert Einstein’s famous quotes with which I totally agree; as I found it still valid for describing the current situation of humanity despite the fact that it was said since more than fifty years ago.

The Smelliest Plant on the Planet

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The biggest flower in the world is blooming, causing a most incredible stink!

Known as a Titan Arum, this extremely rare botanical freak, shown below, has been planted in a giant pot within the lush depths for the Humid Tropics Biome.


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