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Green Pharamcy (2)

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Welcome again to the green pharmacy, I hope you enjoy using the amazing plants present around you as remedies.

Dandelion Traxacum Officinalis
The leaves of this common weed are one of the most effective and useful diuretics known, helps in oedema and water retention, especially that of premenstrual.

The leaves and roots are bitters which stimulate digestion and help those who suffer from indigestion.

The roots are useful as a liver tonic and help to increase bile flow, which is essential for digestion, especially for a fatty diet.

erbalists use dandelion root to help the liver recover from diseases like jaundice, hepatitis, and cirrhosis and also to help in the recovery of warts.

How to Use:
The leaves can be eaten fresh from the garden or dried and made in standard infusion.

The roots should be harvested in fall, chopped finely and taken as standard decoction, or roasted to be used like coffee beans; it will be free from caffeine of course.


Ginger Zingiber Officinal
Ginger has a proven record of relieving travel sickness and morning sickness in pregnancy. It also stimulates circulation of the feet and hand which is helpful in cases like varicose ulcer. It is also good for colds and sore throats.

A small amount of ginger in foods stimulates digestion and helps as anti flatulence.

How to Use:
Fresh ginger root is best taken as a standard infusion. If fresh root is not available, use powder ginger root, add 1 1/2 teaspoons to 600 ml of water.


Thyme Thymus Species
Thyme from the garden or the spice rake has been a useful respiratory and stomach remedy. Its volatile oil contains a strong antimicrobial, thymol, which helps in the lungs, throat, and stomach.

It can be used to relieve the common cold and its effective expectorant helps clear the lungs. This is aided by its ability to relax spasm that narrows the small airways in the lungs.

Thyme also helps in killing intestine worms. In addition, the volatile oil in thyme passes into the kidney where it helps disinfect the urine and the bladder in conditions like cysts. The herb is also effective against fungal infection and can also be used as a mouthwash for mouth thrush. It can also be used as vaginal douche in case of thrush.

How to Use:
As a standard infusion or tincture, it can be prepared using fresh or dried leaves or even the whole dried herb. Note: the dried herb is only good for one year.

Radwa Samir -

Radwa Samir has a bachelor's degree in pharmacy from Cairo University.


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